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Step 1 - Get credits


In order to get back links to your site, you need a credit in the SeoSlave system.

You have two options to get credits in our system:

  1. You buy credits via PayPal or Moneybookers
  2. You get credits by viewing links on your webpages
    Step 2 - Add the page

    Add and configure a website (get credits)

    You can also get credits by displaying links on your websites.
    Follow these instructions to find out more.
      Step 3 - Create a campaign


      Now, you can spend your credits for your own campaigns,
      to reach the top 10 with your keywords in the search engines!

      In this guide you will learn how to create a campaign.

        Install Code

        thumb_bild_code Here you will find information on how to insert our code into your homepage.
        Information is available for the following systems:

        1. Code Download / View
        2. PHP
        3. CGI / Perl
        4. HTML
        5. Joomla
        6. Wordpress
        7. Drupal
        8. WebGUI
        9. Typo3
        SEO information

        thumb_Top-Seo-Tricks Here you will find general information about SeoSlave and search engine optimization.

        The given tips are for off page optimization.

        Link text

        thumb_linktext Link text and content of your website

        Here you will find more information about link text and page optimization.


        thumb_logo Here is a step by step instructions for SeoSlave system.

        1. Purchase credits
        2. add a page (code install and configure)
        3. Create a campaign

        thumb_backlinks But beware! Links are not equal!!!
        There are 4 major factors...

        Current Price List


        Here are the current rates for the domain links.




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