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 Terms of SeoSlave, Snakelink GmbH, hereinafter referred as "SeoSlave".


§ 1 Range

The services of SeoSlave made solely on the basis of these terms and conditions. They also apply to all future business conditions, even if they are not expressly agreed. Conflicting terms and conditions of the partners are hereby rejected.


§ 2 Terms

SeoSlave supplies on the basis of these terms and conditions under the name SeoSlave following services:

The provision of a trade and exchange system, hereafter referred to as trading of text links to the publication of text-link services from third parties on the websites of SeoSlave (


§ 3 Registration and Participation

The use of the trading of SeoSlave requires registration as a member. A claim for registration to the SeoSlave trading system does not exist. Registration is free. It is done by opening a membership account with the consent of others to these Terms. With the registration is concluded between the member and SeoSlave a contract for the use of SeoSlave-trade system.

Registration is only legal persons and natural persons allowed unrestricted legal. In particular, minors are prohibited to register.

To register the name and address of the company or natural person as well as other information, particularly as required in § 6 Tele Services Act required information to inform SeoSlave. If necessary, the current proof of business registration, tax number and if available submit a current certificate of registration. As far as trade, import or export with the desired products licensed or otherwise regulated by statute or administrative order, or limited, the partners with an appropriate valid license or official permission may be required to prove for abroad.


§ 4 Conclusion

Upon receipt of the application reserves SeoSlave before a test, complete a membership with the partner. The membership is the result that sent the SeoSlave confirmed application under test. This confirmation can be made by the activation of the account of the partner in the customer center of SeoSlave and sending the password via email. Reasons for acceptance or rejection of the application are indicated.


§ 5 design and execution of the service

SeoSlave provides its members the trading system described in § 2 are available. The use of trade or the extent to which individual functions and services can be used, this may be linked by SeoSlave to certain conditions, such as verification of credentials, membership and duration or proof of payment. The claim of the member is to use the SeoSlave trading system and its functions only in the context of the current state of the art. SeoSlave limited its services at times when this is in terms of capacity limitations, security or integrity of the server or to the implementation of technical measures is required and this is the proper or improved provision of services (maintenance). SeoSlave considered in these cases, the legitimate interests of the members, such as by advance information.


§ 6 update requirement

With the application or otherwise sent details of the members are updated regularly according to the specifications of SeoSlave. If these requirements of the partner, can not be terminated after the expiry of a prompt and reasonable time limit for taking the supplement the contract.


To § 7 Compensation & Settlement

The settlement of transactions on the trading system must be made via SeoSlave SeoSlave. A paid text link reservation is only effective if the contribution for the first service period (usually 1 month) was paid directly to SeoSlave.


§ 8 activation

The release of the partner and publication of its Internet links shall be made only when all available SeoSlave of documents requested, the minimum deposit amount is received by the matching of bids and SeoSlave the partner is complete with product catalog, which should be regularly done within 14 days.


§ 9 Exemption

The members guarantee to the SeoSlave the legality of their offers, in particular that, if necessary, have the qualifications and requirements for commercial distribution of the offered text link and no prohibited items, indexed, or otherwise represent in any way legally impermissible content offered on the website. SeoSlave does not guarantee or warrant that the member is entitled to sell the services offered by him or text links to purchase. The range of text links to Web sites with pornographic, racist, propaganda, political radical, or equivalent, legally prohibited or indexed content is excluded on the run by SeoSlave trading system. If SeoSlave of such services becomes aware that they may, without compliance with a notice of the prohibited offer immediately be removed from the Web sites and to exclude the member from the trading system. The member undertakes to SeoSlave appropriate by all third party claims that they can acquire through this one, acts or omissions of the members by brand, competition, intellectual property rights or other rights by any other exempt, or exempt SeoSlave and possibly damage to this . replace This also applies to administrative or judicial or other government measures. SeoSlave should be eligible, the member to do everything possible to avert further damage, in particular, he has SeoSlave necessary documents and documents that are in its possession or which he can get to make available and to provide information, where these are necessary for prosecution.


§ 10 Termination

Both parties have the right to terminate the Agreement at any time.

For the notice of cancellation a written notice is sufficient to the address or email.


§ 11 Warranty, Warranty

The liability of SeoSlave does not apply to the availability of the Internet when customers or members. The parties are aware that software and databases are not always accurate and therefore requires constant care. SeoSlave is reserved for it to comment on the implementation of necessary maintenance work, the pages from the net. SeoSlave is not liable for downtime due to necessary care and maintenance or new faults occur. Service delays due to force majeure and due to events that make its services not only temporarily essential or make it impossible - particularly strikes, lockouts, official orders are, etc., even if they affect third parties, SeoSlave also agreed to binding non deadlines and dates responsible. In this case, SeoSlave postpone the contractually defined performance adequately or withdraw all or part of the contract free of charge. Claims for damages are excluded in this case.


§ 12 Liability

SeoSlave is merely a trading system for text links available. It is awarded not guarantee the range or for a minimum number of bookings. Compensation claims against SeoSlave are independent of the nature of the breach, including tort, are excluded. The limitations of liability and exclusions do not apply to claims which have arisen because of fraudulent conduct, with a liability for guaranteed characteristics, for claims under product liability law as well as damage from the loss of life, limb or health. In breach of contract SeoSlave liable for any negligence, but only up to the foreseeable damage. Claims for loss of profits, saved costs, not damages from third parties, and other indirect and consequential damages are required, unless a guaranteed feature of SeoSlave intention was to provide the partners against such damage. If the liability is excluded from SeoSlave or limited, this also applies to employees, employees, representatives and agents of SeoSlave.


§ 13 written form

All agreements reached between the parties must be in writing and are only effective if the written certification by the management. In particular arrangements by email are valid only if you were further confirmed in writing.


§ 14 Applicable Law, Jurisdiction, Severability

These terms and conditions and all legal relations between SeoSlave and Partners, the law applies to United Kingdom. Jurisdiction is United Kingdom.

If any provision of these Conditions or any provision in any other agreements be or become invalid, the validity of all other votes or agreements shall not be affected. In this case, the partners undertake to find a solution that legally or economically the ineffective regulation is similar.







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