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But beware! Links are not equal!!!

There are 4 major factors associated with links:

Content relevant - links thematically convergent

Content Relevant links are links from other pages which have sites with similar theme as a target. New search engines algorithms do not count the links from non content relevant sites.

Position of the links within the page

Most preferably in the main text of the site. If it's not possible they should be placed in the source code of the site, as high as possible. You can also place the links where you wish using Stylesheets and DIV

So you have reached 3 goals:

  1. Links are well placed for search engines
  2. It helps to exchange links with better partners
  3. Links will not disturb the clarity of the site.

Meanwhile, there is also the first evidence that links at the very bottom of the site are worthless.

The same is with footer links or site links and links which are repeated on every page.


Number of external (outbound) links

This question has no clear answer. Search engines use advanced algorithms to assess content of the sites and trying to do this like a human would do. The more content you have on your site, the more external links you can have. One page with about 1 / 2 screen text can certainly handle 10 external links, however it's better to place them in two blocks with 5 links each than in one with 10 links.

Bad neighborhood (will SeoSlave automatically prevented from)

"Bad neighborhood" includes sites which were punished by the search engines. It's not easy to define such sites but for sure you should avoid sites:

  1. Where homepage of a doomain has Google PageRank™ = 0 (unless it is a new site)
  2. Domain can not be found in search engines


Links are not the same links.




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