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Joomla plugin download

On this page, you can download the SeoSlave Joomla plugin.
After downloading the plugin, it automatically creates a free account on Seoslave.
You can find your account login in the plugin description.


  1. Plugin Download: Download

  2. Install the Plugin in Joomla:
    a) Click in the admin area in Joomla on the Extensions-> Install / Uninstall. "
    b) Click "Browse" and select the downloaded file from
    c) Click "Upload file & Install".

  3. Activate plugin in Joomla
    a) Click in the admin area of Joomla on "Extensions-> Plugins ".
    b) Activate the plugin SeoSlave by clicking on the column "Enabled" on the cross. A green sign appears - the plugin is now activated.

  4. View your Joomla page one time, with the Plugin activated

  5. Check your Account Login:
    a) Click in the admin area of Joomla on the Extensions-> Plugins ".
    b) Click the SeoSlave plugin.
    c) Now you can view your account login information in the field "Description".

Download the SeoSlave Plugin




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