the automatic link building system

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  • Free of charge
    Get hundreds of valuable free PageRankā„¢ - Links in return for displaying links on your site.
  • Simple
    Easy code integration as a "copy & paste" for php, cgi, wordpress and joomla. The link insertion is fully automatic.
  • No "normal" Link Exchange
    In recent link exchange systems, users get links from pages on which you create yourself a link. This type of reciprocal linking has no value, if you want to improve the ranking of your site in search engines. In you get none reciprocal links from topic-related high-PageRankā„¢ - pages.
  • Automated
    Text links are automatically sold to advertisers andĀ  you will have no further effortĀ  after a single installation of the code. Our system includes an automatic calculation of the links, depending on the PageRankā„¢, the category, the language and the link popularity.
  • Security
    Our system is secure and confidential, there is no public user lists. All negotiations take place discreetly and anonymously. The system automatically checks for all domains on Googleā„¢ penalties and rules out the risky pages.
  • Control
    Regardless of the automatism, you can choose what text links may appear on your pages. Unwanted text links can be deleted at any time.



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